Monday, March 3, 2014

11 Days On

Dobbs: "If you're the police where are your badges?"
Gold Hat: "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!"

Baby says she's mine, you know
She tells me all the time, you know
She said so
I'm in love with her and I feel fine

THB had his one week check-up with a Physician Assistant, and here are the main points:

1.     Yes, THB did have a heart attack (not sure when), and the part of the heart that is associated with the blocked artery is weaker than normal; it is very likely that, barring any further complications, the heart will regain normal functionality
2.     The implant of the stent is called an invasive procedure, not surgery
3.     The groin is healing nicely, vitals are all good, the bruise is normal (if not picturesque)
One of THB's b'day gifts
4.     THB is now cleared to do normal activities (like lifting more than 10 pounds), so for now that means taking walks (with my lovely wife) at a comfortable pace (not running, not ambling)
5.     As soon as contacted, THB will sign up for a 12 week cardio-therapy program: three days a week and exercise while being monitored; assuming there are no issues while being monitored, then THB gets to jump back on the home elliptical
Detail shot
6.     THB has an appointment with Doc Wulff (he did the "procedure") in one month, standard procedure
7.     In two months, there’s a blood test to make sure the new drugs aren't affecting the liver or lipid indicators, also standard procedure
Another detail shot

8.     In three months, THB gets to have an "echo" test; unlike the stress echo, this test is the one they do while you're at rest, another standard procedure
9.     In about 90 days, THB’s "piece" in the groin should have dissolved; THB can feel it if he probes for it, it is very slightly sensitive when touched
THB and LB will be visiting this park in early June
Two More Anecdotes:
·       More people go to ER with chest pains than for any other reason and most people are having heartburn/indigestion, not heart problems
·       After you recover from a heart attack, you are more like to outlive others because you’re now being watched carefully and you are paying more attention to your risk factors

About as good as it could be: THB is feeling fine, eating and drinking and carousing the usual amounts...all good, all the time!