Monday, April 13, 2015

A new park for Emeryville?

It's convoluted. THB and DB moved into E-ville in 2007. Outside our window: a potential new park. Undeveloped, awaiting the surroundings to be upgraded: Sherwin-Williams was looking for developers for the parcel next to the potential park; a pedestrian-bike overpass was in the design phase just north of the potential park. Soon, a complementary park in an urban setting: trains, the back of Ikea, graffiti on the one-story brick warehouse astride the southwest portion of the potential park. 

Eight years later: title to the property is unclear because the state changed the redevelopment process as the great recession unfolded just after we moved in. And, no S-W development or bike-pedestrian bridge. 

Now comes the ultimate teaser: "they" (city? state? anonymous benefactor?) have moved in park equipment. DAMN!!! Get ready to take those dogs off-leash, hit some golf balls, play a bit of over-the-line, watch the trains go by at sunset while relaxing a picnic chair right next to a watering hole!

Stay tuned: THB believes major disappointment is in his future...

The Potential Park

Complete with pond (frogs? geese?)

Potential Park accouterments

Sparse yet elegant?

The best view from THB's loft

Wait, THB and DB may have found the new park!

The benches are missing outside of Arizmendi