Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015: Where THB is now?

Another justifiably top rated bakery:

More big murals:

Usually a line, we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get in at noon: THB had a great omelet

More murals:

What the modern office has now: branding and live plants in the middle of the conference room:

And, the last shots of the (alas, not completed while THB was in town) mural in progress:

August 26, 2015: Where THB is?

 More shots of S&D's future home and nearby:

THB and DB and S go for local pastry

 THB and DB and S&D stop for lunch, THB and DB share 3 Jerusalem like salads, all excellent!

The first stop of the afternoon:

 The second best wine of the stop, and the most expensive

 The second stop of the afternoon:

Dinner: THB and DB share radicchio "caesar" and roti chicken

 More murals: 

And, the mural in progress:

August 25, 2015: Where is THB?

THB is where? 


Near S&D's future home

A well know Japanese garden (sort of like Ryong-ji)

Food and beverage shopping

Watching for local murals and spots of interest

And watching mural painting in process