Monday, February 14, 2011

Mid-term Answers

Mid-term Test: 10 points for each correct answer, over 500 points = travelsofthb genius level

1. It costs at least this much to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunset
a. $50
b. $100
c. $150
d. $300
e. All of the above

A, b, c are correct answers, it costs $280 to go to the top at sunset

2. Which airport customs area is not air conditioned
a. San Francisco
b. Sydney
c. Auckland
d. One of the above
e. Two of the above

A sometimes, B, and thus either D or E count too

3. Which sport is coming to Las Vegas?
a. A mini version of rugby
b. Stunt car driving
c. Professional basketball
d. Oakland Raiders…sorry, amateur sports included too

A, and there is talk of c, and d should, so only B doesn’t earn any points

4. The best way to eat whitebait is:
a. Battered and fried with chips
b. Marinated in lime and mixed with prawns and scallops
c. Cooked with egg and eaten on buttered white bread with a bit of salt and pepper
d. There is no good way to eat whitebait

A as anything with chips is correct, C per Kiwis, and D by most of the world, so only B doesn’t earn any points

5. If you had one place to stop and buy pastries and bread, you should be heading to:
a. Your local Arizmendi
b. Copenhagen
c. Greytown
d. Paris
e. Seattle
f. All of the above

Every answer is correct, give yourself an extra hundred points if you said all including F to try and score more points!

6. The T in QCT stands for:
a. Trail
b. Track
c. Tramp
d. Trek
e. Tacoma
f. Torture
g. Even the Kiwis aren’t sure
h. Two of the above

After being on the track for 5 days, the only real answer is F. However, since THB is an easy grader, give yourself points for any answer other than E

7. If you were returning your rental car, you would like to hear the following:
a. Your total bill comes to exactly … (fill in the blank)
b. Thank you for renting with …(fill in the blank)
c. No worries, mate, no need for any paperwork here, and take the car and just leave it in a car park with the keys in the glove compartment

Here, C is the correct answer

8. If you could choose one scenario, which would it be:
a. It is so hot and humid at 7am that you dread going outside
b. It is so hot and humid at 7am that you dread going outside and it will get even more hot and humid after you leave town
c. It is so hot and humid at 7am that you dread going outside and it will get even more hot and humid after you leave town that nobody could make this up: 107 degrees Fahrenheit and close to 100% humidity

How could we top those people that hit Sydney during C..awful

9. You are hiking and would prefer the sign markers to show the following:
a. The number of kilometers to the next few spots
b. The amount of time it takes to walk to the next few spots
c. The direction to the next few spots
d. Two of the above
e. All of the above
f. (Pretend you live in NZ) Only one of the above, the one that gives the least information of all (Hint: choose b)

Only at the end of day 4 did we learn that they actually posted the number of kilometers from the start of the Track (we started at the end, a nice touch of the Kiwis to make us walk backwards) every 5 kilometers (though not always). Like that helped, since NOBODY ever wrote or said: you go x minutes or meters past the last marked kilometer sign. Universal agreement among the trampers that the signage in NZ is below par, meaning it probably is about as good as the US. Give yourself any amount of points you think you should get…then subtract that number from 10 and walk backwards for five days.

10. Identify the bug in the picture, extra points for selecting the correct answer below:
a. A cicada
b. A cure for a bad case of tinnitus
c. One of at least 1 billion identical insects
d. Something that never sleeps except when in your bathroom
e. All of the above

What can THB say, his tinnitus was deafened into non-existence by the cicadas. Only if the wind was blowing real hard did the cicadas get quiet. That means pretty much never.

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