Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 38-39-38: Sydney to E-ville

Day 38-39-38: Sydney to E-ville

Pics: The last utility box, fitness center, last bird, and home cooking and sleeping

When we left Sydney the first time, we had about $150 on us, figuring that would be enough to tide us over for a day, particularly since Jane was having us over for dinner upon arrival and the hotel was prepaid (Vibe, $155 for a small room and $10 for internet).. HAH! $41 cab ride to Jane’s house (and she’s closer than downtown to the airport) and a $40 breakfast have us thinking we need to find an ATM!

Breakfast at Bill’s is a revelation. DB found it through Time Out magazine, it’s only about 10-15 feisty minutes walk from the Vibe. Since it is already 8am that means it is starting to steam. DB has banana ricotta pancakes and a flat white, THB goes for the best scrambled eggs around (DB breaks his bubble and explains that they have cream whipped in), avocado salsa and dry Acme-style sourdough toast. Yes, this is an exceptional breakfast….$40.

We attempt to walk around Rushcutters Bay and decide that going back to the a/c hotel room makes more sense. It hits near 90 today, and the humidity that the Sydney-ites claim doesn’t exist is back. After recovering, THB decides to go to the gym and workout. There’s nothing quite like 30 minutes on the elliptical in sauna-like conditions while facing a sign that says: Please leave the doors closed, the room is air-conditioned. NO, IT IS NOT AIR-CONDITIONED….it might be air-blown, it is not a/c’d.

Bill’s was so good, we head there for lunch and some art gallery visits. Burger for DB and chicken schnitzel and ginger cordial for THB, $50. It ain’t cheap here in the big city (how big? In front of our hotel, slightly off the beaten path, are two one-way four lane roads). See some very good art in a couple of galleries nearby (sweating all the way) including some work that is exceptional (and exceptionally priced at $45-60k).

Cabbie to the airport complains about how the shuttles are stealing his business and proceeds to crawl through the slowest route to a $47 fare and is irritated that there is no tipping here. Plus, hey, he’s a Kiwi!!! Another example of someone leaving behind NZ for better work. Because we charged lunch, this means that we’ve managed to spend all the remaining cash

United unfortunately has sold out business class, so no upgrade. We’re in premium economy seats, with lots of leg room and because THB switches seats due to a faulty light, we have a seat between us. Reading is at peril, along with no lights on the first seat, THB’s kindle goes baflooey part way through the flight, so DB is very generous and lends him her kindle and THB then starts a Jack Reacher.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, home at last, another great travel partnership, DB now only has to worry about navigation, THB can go back to driving down the middle of the road again, no worries, mate.

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