Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 2: Seattle

Day 2:  Seattle


In too deep, can’t think about giving it up

But I never knew love would feel like a heart attack

It’s killing me, swear I never cried so much

Cause I never knew love would hurt this fuckin’ bad

The worst pain I ever had

Weather:  Sane as yesterday, starts in low 50s and overcast, by mid-afternoon low 60s and sunny

In-house FC

DB and S go for a walk with Chloe the dog and THB rides the elliptical; the NYT with Grape Nuts and fruit, THB is right at home!

THB is on E-ville committee chaired by Ann
Ann is BAM featured artist, this piece is in the lobby

Kathy Venter

Akio Takimori

With S driving, we hit BAM (Bellevue Arts Museum) and The Henry (museum on UofW campus) with lunch at Cactus in between. BAM usually has very interesting to above average shows and today is no different: large ceramic figures on one floor and a great crafts show (with figurative plates) on another.

How spicy was it?

Cactus: spicy brisket tamales with cole slaw and a spicy lemonade (cilantro, jalapenos) for THB, DB has an unusual chile relleno (red chile!) with tamarind-strawberry lemonade and S has tortilla soup and half a salad, $58 total.

DB and THB on UofW

The Henry has a side benefit: we revisit the cherry trees on the tail end of peak blossom period on the campus. In full bloom, the trees attract people from all over, including Japan. They are special. And, The Henry includes a James Turrell skyspace, where we spend some time basking in Turrell’s genius.

Dinner at home, a cider and crab sandwich tasting. Oh, first we had a cider cocktail. THB had a hard time standing after that, it was very good and very strong and very tall. 

Part of Tieton Cider Works line-up

Then, if THB remembers correctly, we tried two different types of ciders with two different seasoned crab sandwiches, and the dry cider was great with the non-mayo crab sandwich. Chocolate and brandy/cider after dinner drink. Is it a wonder that these postings don’t make sense?

Finally, here are some pics of S&C's collection (not nearly all); maybe, just maybe, those of you who have been to E-ville and/or the beach can see why we are friends!





Terry x 2



Akio (sideways?)






Chester again



Bennett again

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