Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 12: Rio (mostly pics)

Day 12: Rio

Weather: Hot, raining, pleasant

Now I'm not the type to let vibrations 
tickle my imagination easily 
You know that's just not me 
But I turn into a tiger every time I'm beside the one I love

Up to early, maybe THB will be resting his eyes between sessions and matches.

Another tripleheader: two sessions of VB and the night session of T&F. VB pool round robins are nearing the end, creating seedings for the medal rounds. The USA women won their pool; we’ve seen them several times and they have looked sharper and sharper as the pool matches have piled up. One of the subs, Kelsey Robinson, has been playing more and more during the tournament.

On the Men’s side, the USA got off to a terrible start and then won two matches to get back into the medal rounds discussion. We’re seeing them today, the only meaningful match of the four. We have only seen them look pathetic, not victorious.

Now for pics, THB is too tired to write rest of post:

THB gets on and doors shut, DA on next train

THB's stylish day bag

Reunited in Butafogo

Decent crowd at VB morning session

The most annoying PA guy ever....ever!

Who knew: you can turn Argentina's flag into a turban

Blurry pic of our fave volunteer; her main job is putting tape over non-O's sponsors that might be visible on TV

Collects pins

Argentina sweeps their pool, they get Brazil in quarters

Another pin collector, from US

USA sweeps Mexico, faces Poland in quarters after sweeping to victory in last 3 matches

There are a smattering of plastic ticket holders, all worn by Americans

You get 11 points for breathing, this was the most lopsided single set we saw in prelims

Our standby VB lunch spot: large, a/c, table clothes, great buffet, excellent meats, friendly attentive service

Very typical pole

Make it a double on ice tea

The guy guarding the parking driveway catches a few minutes of the O's (we see TVs on all over the place)

How hot was it? HOT in the sun

The volunteers are resting in the shade, they are NOT disabled waiting a push into the venu

Russia faces Canada in quarters

Poland gets USA in quarters, Cuba lost every match in their pool

THB and DA decide not to crowd on, a good thing

That's because they couldn't close the doors and the train left the station with the doors open!!!!!!

Next train is plenty crowded, and the doors shut

The weather is turning cooler, fast; umbrellas are left in down position

As we walk up to our seats on outside ramp, we can see a fire on a nearby hillside; it disrupted some events

DA buying coupons


Another person that would rather use phone than watch O's

She's speaking Portu-lish

Gary thanks us for getting into stadium early...this is the crowd at the beginning of the session...where is everybody? In security lines?

The rain has arrived

Our C ticket seats are very sheltered

The pole vault always goes long, now they have technical problems and have to manually lift the bar up, and the rain has stopped the competition for over 45 minutes, we won't be there when it's done

Rudisha wins comfortably, repeating from 2012; USA guy finishes third, very impressive

W's 400M final, with an extremely tight finish; we've moved down to lower section for a better view

Miller collapsed across the finish line, barely holding off Felix (THB thought Felix won, another stride and she would have)

What an empty train looks like, it's after midnight

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