Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day 2: LA

Day 2: Los Angeles, AJF tour

Weather: Hot in LA, just not as hot

QOTD: What’s a symposium?
Three people avoiding talking about the Boardman collection?
MP, vivacious Seattle jewelry artist...we made plans for a meet-up in her hood later in October

THB and DB sleep in after a large meal last night - much appreciated; breakfast same-same except this time we’re late enough that the bleach washing of the deck has dissipated.

A smaller group today, maybe 15, we gather in the lobby at 9:30 for a group stroll to LACMA to hear a symposium on the topic of … topic of … Beyond Bling, Jewelry Matters. The curators kick off with some words about the Boardman collection, followed by two academics (one delivers a talk about jewelry and Hollywood, the other the meaning of diamonds), and a panel discussion. The panel of three (an independent scholar, an assistant prof of jewelry and metalsmithing, and an editor of a ceramics e-newsletter) banter around for a while. They are then joined by the two academics, and take a few questions from the audience.

Time for lunch at Ray’s, the LACMA restaurant. It’s informal, part outside (in the main plaza) and part inside (the doors are wide open), and the food is very good. THB has kale salad, a hunk of branzino, good warm bread, and a strange (fortunately) version of tiramisu: dry cake with choc chips topped with very whipped and fluffy cream, served in an 8oz glass.

Jasmine ice tea

It's a dessert

Tiramisu, not bad...

Back to the hall for the keynote by Gijs Bakker, a Dutch jewelry artist and designer. We’ve heard him speak before, and he’s as entertaining and forthright as ever. One or two questions, and it is back to the Beyond Bling show for one last viewing. THB is still struck by how powerful the show is and wondering what else LACMA is thinking of displaying in the future from the Boardman “accumulation”.
They're lined up to get into Beyond Bling

Bay Area artist  has a nice show at Crafts Museum

Pop-up show poster

High butt brush factor in small room at The Wilshire

The short walk to The Wilshire, a bit of blogging, a visit to a pop-up show on the second floor (crowded, not much of interest), and back to the room to do some more blogging.

Dinner is at Terrine and the entire menu here is terrific. How would THB know that? Because our group is trying everything on the menu; even though we are given a pre-printed menu of what we’re having, by the time the meal is over we’ve tried everything they serve (or so THB strongly believes) other than just (“just”) one dessert.

What they were wearing at my table: 
real beetles

MacArthur award winner beaded necklace

Glass beads

What did we have (wait, it would be shorter to list what we didn’t have): olives, home made potato chips with a huge cup of mayonnaise, a charcuterie plate loaded with all sorts of pig done various ways (oh, and few pickled veggies for balance), baby gem salad, sweet corn ravioli (very sweet), roast chicken, veal, trout, roasted potatoes, toasted broccolini, and “birthday” cake (which was a very odd concoction and very sweet and it was nobody’s birthday).

Doesn't quite capture what was to come

French wines

Every restaurant was serving little gems

Veggie side came with lots of cheese


Post-game wrap-up

We're not quite done...


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