Monday, December 19, 2016


THB and DB go to LA for a short two-day visit. 

Saturday, Dec 17

It's never too early for a brewski at OAK airport
The 6th Enterprise shuttle comes by before Avis agrees to pick us up

It's 38 degrees when we leave E-ville, there's frost on the cars at the Oakland Airport. 

Under very clear and moderately cool skies, we do the usual, Langers for lunch and art galleries: 

THB will have whatever the bear is having

Pastrami on rye, $15. Total for lunch, $60 including a loaf of rye to go

Early work (60s)

Later work, mid-90s

Giant map of US not in red and blue, by Nate Lowman



Composed of drop clothes collected over 10 years

We're staying at The Line, and they've upgraded us to a "suite" which means you get one more concrete room. The views are terrific today. And, it takes a bit to heat up the place.
It's gorgeous in LA today, a day after the storms blew through

 Drinks are comped while we wait for our upgraded room

We've got an extra sittiing area and 2nd bathroom

Our view

And the unusual, when we meet up with FB&BB just after dark for a tour of the seasonal lights at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena on BB's b'day. 

What a show! And it is cold, probably mid-40s , where see various light shows separated into different stations using a wild variety of lighting "tricks." Especially notable is the station where the glow worms were climbing all over the shrubs and trees. Not sure how they did it, it was very very impressive.

After the light show, we dine at Maple, the on-site dining room, with comfort food (spinach salad, chicken pot pie and bread pudding for THB; butternut squash soup, chicken and pumpkin pie for DB) and much congenial discussion. Oh, and it's warm! With three huge glasses of wine (one of the white's for DB was really a double pour), $160.

THB will have what Santa's having

A gigantic chicken pot pie, too rich for THB to finish

Sunday, December 18, JOB's b'day (she would be 89), we're at the symphony in mom's seats

First, a visit to one of THB's fave LA bakeries, Huckleberry's: $30 with two decaf au laits, 3 pastries, and a half loaf of bread

Doesn't include the half a loaf of the country bread

Then on to our second visit to the Broad Museum. If you want to know what the faces look like in the US city of the future, come to the Broad and check it out (i.e., being old and white puts THB in a small minority of the museum attendees). Why so different: it's free and very accessible tickets using your smart phone, and the word is out that modern and contemporary art are in. 

Looks like Lassnig found her inspiration

If they are showing one of her videos, give it a long look, they're terrific

Shirin Neshat from the video playing at Broad

Lunch is just across the plaza from the Broad at Otium, an upscale casual dining spot. $85 for 3 courses, including ice teas. We share:

Crispy potatoes-Lemon salt + Aleppo pepper creme fraiche

French toast cubes, pork belly, whipped topping, fruit compote "syrup" (dip), served in a smoky charbroiler so the cubes taste like marshmallows

Khachapuri + cheese + egg + prosciutto + truffle + Aleppo (small cheesy pizza topped with cooked egg and proscuitto)

Across the street to the Disney and Adams at 70: El Nino. Very discordant, hard to penetrate music. Well, since we have a late flight out of Burbank, we make it past intermission.
This is the typical LA Phil attendee: old, white, white hair...and this is John Adams

Uh Oh! We're very early for our 7:20 flight which is delayed by at least a half hour. We decide to go through security and look for dining options (hah!). The good news: the 5:20 flight is also delayed and the very nice gate agents put us on that flight for no extra fee, which leaves at 6. Since it's not full, DB gets an empty seat next to her. 

Great, we're home before our original flight takes off!

Trip Summary: 36 hours; LA gorgeous; half hour wait for the car shuttle; upgrade comp'd at The Line; great light show in the cold, cold, cold night; good art around town; lousy concert with the composer on hand; comp'd for the earlier flight home. And THB manages to get around without too much difficulty, walking slowly.

Shots from around LA:

Avis' finest, $120 for two days

The "body suit" is more  revealing in person

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