Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Monterey Regional: One large muscle is not necrotizing

Hello all:

For the first time ever, THB and MQ come in first in an open double-session pairs regional event, in Monterey. 

We competed against all levels. We're in the lowest masterpoint bracket (C), with an average of around 500 mps (that's our lifetime total!). We finished ahead of pairs that averaged thousands of masterpoints including Mark Itabashi, who by himself has around 40,000 mps and regularly finishes in the top 5 in total points in a year. Think getting to bat against Sandy Koufax in his prime and hitting a homer...well, not exactly like that, maybe hitting a foul ball off Sandy in batting practice.

Below is the exact way they take your picture for the tournament publicity; this time we're in the kitchen at Monterey Dunes, glowing!

THB would've failed the drug test if they were looking for prednisone or excessive amounts of calcium or elevated CPKs

A near 66% game is like bowling a 285 in consecutive games (what does THB know about bowling?), or winning 70 games in an NBA season, or the Cubs winning the World "almost never" situation. Actually, maybe it is more like Leicester City having a big year? Maybe winning a Nobel for literature? Or finishing two luge runs in Sochi while on drugs. 

DAMN! It has to be like something...THB

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