Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 7: Bonaire

Day 7: Bonaire

Sharpnose Pufferfish

Department of Lost and Found: Where are we? That's s great question for THB, a guy who can't find his bootie. Bonaire is part of the ABC islands, about 50 miles north of Venezuela. Four hours by air from Atlanta (around 1800 miles?). It is a small island, you can circumnavigate in under a half day, with a speed limit of  60KPH, 19K inhabitants (lots of them Dutch as the island moved from being part of Netherland Antilles to a special municipality of Holland). 

Department of Health: THB was feeling punk today. Didn't even put half an apple on his Grape Nuts or make a cup of coffee to go with his raisin roll. Too much sun? Too much time snorkeling? Some reaction to one of the new cholesterol drugs? Not enough baseball on TV or radio? Reading another apocalyptic dystopian novel? 

The good news: Woodwind did not have enough signups to go out today. That would've been a tour too far for THB.

Instead, THB and LB decide to take the water taxi, Kantika di Amor, to Klein Bonaire, $15pp, leaving at 10 from downtown and getting picked up at 12:30. Everything worked out perfectly except THB put his gear on (using a dish soap and water mix to keep his mask from fogging up), snorkeled on a spectacular beach for about 5 minutes and decided he would be a lot better off walking the beach in the water while LB snorkeled. Actually, the place is so pretty and the water felt so good, THB felt fine. LB got in a full snorkel in her new CPR sunblock t-shirt (awwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooooooo cute: Dad and Daughter wearing matching shirts!), seeing a giant parrotfish and some of the usual suspects.  

Just enough time after the beach outing to eat the snacks we brought in one of  CPR's loaner mini-soft coolers and there was the Kantika to escort us back to Kralendijk. Back at CPR we finish off the leftover pizza and rest up. 

The back side

The front, facing west and the water

Tuna three ways: ceviche, tartare and sashimi


Dinner at Cuba Compagnie: Not much Cuban about this place, more of a continental menu. Polar and G&T, tuna nicely done three ways and ceviche appetizers for THB, rice and beans and cheese for LB, $50. 

Gio gelato for dessert, $5. Flavors are mild, typical of the island food. 

Pics from here and there downtown:

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