Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictorial Pop Quiz, Week two

Pictorial Pop Quiz

Glaciers are almost gone from Glacier National Park.
Donella Meadows

1. In what national park was this picture taken?
2. Can you give the baseball nickname of the person with THB? Hint: it is a defunct NP

3. What is the name of the band? Bonus points for creativity

4. The Grand Staircase Inn got its name because:
a. Duh, take a look at that staircase on the side!
b. A marketing genius told them that Grand Staircase Inn was a better name than Staircase Inn
c. If you hike up the stairs to the third floor (no elevator) there had better be something grand about the place
d. Something nearby is also named Grand Staircase and the stole the name from there

5. Where was this picture taken (meaning, you know, like where was this picture taken: in the galaxy somewhere, maybe a city or state, from what view point…something like that)?

6. What is in this picture?

7. Complete the following joke: why did the (wild?) flock of turkeys cross the road?
a. To slow down THB and DB and make them appreciate the view
b. The speed limit sign says watch out, this is a turkey x-ing and for once the animal was near the sign
c. Everybody knows it isn’t turkey hunting season yet, and thus turkeys go wherever they want anytime they want, even in the middle of the day
d. To get to the other side of the border where every place serves (turkey) microbrew beers and estate bottle wines

8. TH stands for…? B stands for…?

9. What kind of pizzas did THB and DB order?
a. every kind?
b. two of the 5 kinds?
c. Margherita and some thing with garlic on it?
d. the two best kinds of things to eat at the fair
e. they wish all of the above

1. We are still getting along well, only 3+ more weeks to go
2. THB is no longer getting up before the crack of dawn, hence no morning sunrise shots
3. Given the miles left, we definitely have WAY too many audio books left to listen to since we are still listening to Country Driving by Peter Hessler (review will follow if we ever finish; not for want of listening, it is long); we went over 1600 miles at the end of week two
4. There are no duds when it comes to NPs, just if you can/want to spend more or less time in each one
5. There are plenty of great spots to visit (e.g., slot canyons in Page, Red Canyon) in and around the NPs, such that this is a great trip if you don’t visit any NP, just the side attractions
6. The hiking has been terrific, and we are doing a lot of hiking: and we have learned we need down days and are taking them
7. The food is still better than we imagined, though not sure this isn’t damning with faint praise now. Food near Bryce not good, with exception of the wood-fired pizza in Escalante, and for that you have to go to a once-a-year art fair 40 miles from Bryce.
8. DB’s blister can’t stop her, and it is getting better
9. Costs of hotels/motels: Grand Canyon Lodge - $155; Page Courtyard - $142; Grand Staircase Inn - $90 (including toast at breakfast)
10. Another week, and no pastry report. That is because there appear to be no bakeries worth visiting in any of the towns we have stayed in…can this be true?
11. The weather seems hot to us, not to the locals. Very few mornings where there is still a chill in the air, many days when it is at least in the 80s. Wonder what it will be like in mid-October when we leave Denver and head for home.
12. It feels like the full moon is killing star gazing. Maybe THB isn’t up late enough to notice
13. The quiet out here is astounding, along with ambient light ambient noise is greatly diminished

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