Monday, January 25, 2016

All the better to see you with...

THB decides to get two new lens implants through what is now considered extremely safe cataract surgery; first the left eye, Jan 7th, and then the right on Jan 20th. You get to pick your lens: distance, reading, one of each. THB goes with the flow: distance is the far more common choice.

Note: this is a "temporary" sight gain as THB also has macular degeneration (dry version), so eyesight will continue to deteriorate over time, hopefully slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly. If you have wet version, you can't have cataract surgery, another reason (besides vastly improved sight) to get it done now!

THB with a dot over his left eye, pre-surgery on the 7th
THB (mirror image) with eye patch on left eye

THB (blurry) with old glasses on, right (left?) lens missing

Lens missing on left side

Lens missing on left side, note distortion on right 

THB goes incognito or is just light sensitive?

THB getting ready for eye number 2 (right). Snood a great fashion statement

THB post-op

THB mirror image on 2nd eye...note, now using "readers" as distance vision vastly improved

THB with two new eyes, ability to see things in "natural" light instead of yellowed out
 and getting used to readers #2

The accouterments of post-op life: three versions of eye drops, two readers, dark shades, left over eye cap and tape

And, so far so good. In about 6-8 weeks, THB will be wearing new progressive glasses with slight adjustment for distance and heavy adjustment for reading. 


  1. Geeze....we better have lunch again soon or you won't be able to recognize me....let alone see what you're eating!!! ...Sean.....

    1. The good news: I can see my food if I wear the readers! otherwise...blogs on a plate, not too appetizing