Tuesday, February 16, 2016

THB Goes to LA

Hello all

THB is in LA, playing bridge with MQ for a couple of days before joining up with the Oakland Museum in Phoenix.

Yes, you can breast feed your baby in your very own "trailer" at the Oakland Airport

The regional is at a hotel right near LAX. No problema...except it takes us 35 minutes to go less than a mile from the Southwest terminal to the hotel!

We don't take the shuttle, which is probably a good thing...they've got part of the airport exits closed, is the Prez nearby?

It doesn't get more exciting than the pre-game warmups

We have a very good first round, and above average second round and finish 6th overall, first in our category, third overall in master points won (winning points is what bridge players live for...remarkable, no? They are totally worthless, and come in colors no less).

We play some top flight players and one of them compliments our defense (a very nice guy, Mitch finished just ahead of us in  the overall). 

Mark Itabashi, who every year is among the top master point winners nationwide (which means in about 3 months he gathers what THB has spent a lifetime collecting), goes off on THB on the last hand of the night when THB makes a killing switch to set the contract, calling the director and huffing and puffing. The guy paying to play with Mark slips away: he put Mark in the wrong contract, miscounting his spade suit during the bidding. Guess the non-paying guy gets all the wrath. In any case, MQ and THB finished well ahead of Mark!

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