Monday, February 29, 2016

New Art and THB in formal wear

Hello all:

THB is posing at the loft in his tuxedo and Jerry Garcia vintage tie (vintage meaning THB hasn't worn this tie, or just about any tie, in over 15 years) prior to heading out to the Berkeley Art Museum grand re-opening gala a few weeks ago.

Behind THB is a commissioned work by Chris Brown, a Berkeley artist that THB and DB have admired for many years.

This painting is hanging in the entrance hallway (if a one room loft can be said to have an entrance hallway). The perspective is a bit strange, the piece is 70" x 75", so a lot larger than it looks here (and THB looks tall, debonair, and even distinguished, right?)

Note: THB is not wearing glasses, this photo was taken after his two cataract surgeries. Tomorrow THB picks up his new glasses (needed for reading, hardly needed at all for distance)

Here it is without that annoying debonair figure in the foreground

And, as part of the commission, Chris gave us two paintings to choose from.

No problema, we bought both! This one is at the beach:

A more obvious "nautical" theme...this one is 65" square. It's in our bedroom at Monterey Dunes.

Neither picture has a name yet. 

If you'd like to take part in an informal poll, let me know which painting you like better and your gender (if you want to remain anonymous). While we were trying to decide, men much preferred one and women the other. 

Loft: Dark Blue Men 

Beach: Sailors


  1. Good decisions!

    Gold Foil Spoilers


  2. I like debonair dude with men in blue. I bet women like sailors (the painting, I mean).