Wednesday, February 17, 2016

THB in LA, day 2

Day 2 in LA and THB never leaves the hotel

Yes, it's blurry: LA traffic where a mini-van rear ends a pick up

What THB was watching while on the elliptical

THB and MQ are brain dead today: last night went late with a fight at end with Itabashi means poor night's sleep.

In morning session, we are very very average:

We capture 1.04 (.04!) red points

In afternoon, feeling even more brain dead, we come alive and finish extremely well and this time it's gold:

Weather: low 90s (though THB is only reporting the news, he never went outside to verify)

- Breakfast of raisin bran, strawberries and dry toast (MQ treated)
- Lunch: cobb salad and ice tea (MQ treated)
- Dinner: good local draft brewski and fish tacos ($30)

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