Thursday, February 2, 2017

Quote of The Day may have to be retired; Timely book review; New art by Kvasbo; Medical Report

Hello all:

Thumped by what is going on in the Trump administration? THB is here to help you out a bit. 

THB has already got a fave quote of the day for 2017, maybe even for the entire Trump presidency.

First the context: The quote is from Reince Priebus (really, this could be some name from Dickens, right?) on Jan 29, 2017. Reince is the White House chief of staff, and his response was to questions on Face the Nation on CBS related to the executive order barring refugees (i.e., Muslims) from seven different countries from entering the US.

QOTD: We're not willing to be wrong on this subject. President Trump is not willing to take chances on this subject.

Okay, THB has actually been using a version of this very quote now for over 15 years. Somehow the Republicans (and, in truth, plenty of Democrats) in Congress (and Prez Bush as well) have been willing to bet the entire planet by saying that human-driven climate change is a hoax and thus blocking every possible initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Now they don't want some Muslims entering the US because who would ever want to take a chance on that! Can you imagine the devastation? 

Let THB mull: the entire planet vs some Muslims from the Middle East (or anyone from Syria) that may or may not be terrorists. When damn near all of the most recent terrorists have been done by people (yes, American people) that have been living here for years and years and years. Lives are hanging in the balance here while THB mulls. 

Emissions by country

Book Review: Dark Money, The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, Jane Mayer: SCARY! Charles and David Koch built up an inherited empire to be worth $40B+ (each!) and by 2016 controlled the “donations” of near a billion $$ to impact the elections at all levels of government. Supposedly, the one guy that didn’t take their money: Donald Trump. Charles and David's dad was one of the early supporters of the John Birch Society which morphed into the Libertarian Party then the Tea Party wing and finally basically the Republican Party. Why? Just maybe because they are big-time energy investors (and polluters) and denial of climate change fueled the growth of their wealth. Charles took a very long view (30-35 years) of how to influence Americans into becoming the Radical Right and it worked. Hey even used a scientific method to test what worked and didn't work. This book helps you know the players in the new administration (which makes it even scarier!).

How Big Is It? Torbjorn Kvasbo's White Stack

Well, it sure is heavy...180 pounds worth 


Partially uncrated

Close-up in the crate; the top piece isn't broken, that's a feature

Our local art movers (their work-site is about 8 blocks from the loft)

From the crate to on top of a tool box on castors

Medical Updates:

Day before b'day: Met with Dr W, cardiologist. THB is his first Necrotizing Myositis patient and maybe #3 with statin intolerance (in a world where he only sees statin users). So, he is deferring to rheumatologist for how to treat the illness.

Right now, THB's cholesterol is at very high level. For now, do nothing while Necrotizing Myositis is being treated.

There are two "new" drugs that might be effective in lieu of statins, their "outcomes" to be published mid-March. Otherwise, it's looking like hardtack, gruel and water for THB.

Whistle Pig Day: THB celebrates with Dr D, rheumatologist. THB is doing well, liver healthy and CPKs dropping. Starting today: reduce prednisone to 30mg per day; add daily folic acid; start on methotrexate (also used with cancer patients) 1 day per week (no drinking that day!). Okay to start building up exercise routine.

Seems THB is on the road to recovery!

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