Sunday, February 19, 2017

Seyed Alavi: Stoplight Utility Boxes and other public art, medical report

The pre-trip medical update: THB is feeling fine, now on a lower dose of  prednisone, has started a once-a-week course of methotrexate (immune-suppressant), able to walk a couple of miles at a decent pace, doing the 5 minute calisthenics program (not enough arm strength to do the 7 minute version yet). 

Side effects: THB is getting maybe 5+ hours of sleep a night, so napping during the day, and eating more than usual (true!). Can't drink on metho days (like not eating meat on Fridays?). 

Rheumy is going to e-mail with the latest lab results, which could mean upping the metho and possibly lowering the prednisone. Since statins are not in THB's future, possibly new meds (that are in use now with statins) or a Ornish style diet? TBD for THB...

Now for the real post:

Seyed Alavi works with local students to place vinyl decals on the 24 (or is it 25?) stoplight utility boxes in Emeryville; some of the following have been redone recently

For you E-ville history buffs, here is the original E-ville utility box posting from 2010

40th and Horton

40th and Hollis

40th and Emery

40th and Adeline

43rd and Adeline

Park and Hollis
Hollis and 53rd 

Hollis and Stanford

Hollis and Powell

Hollis and 59th

Shellmound St and Shellmound Way - this is an oldie, not yet redone? not going to be redone?

Christie and Shellmound

Christie near Shellmound (Powell St. Plaza)

Shellmound and Ohlone

Shellmound at Bay St Garage (West Elm)

Shellmound in front of Ikea

Shellmound at beginning of Bay Bridge Trail

Christie and Powell (in front of 4 Points Hotel)

Christie and Shellmound Way

65th and Shellmound

65th and Hollis

64th and Hollis

Powell and Beaudry
Powell and Access Road (Watergate)
Doyle-Hollis Park (between 61st and 62nd at Hollis)

If only they could do every yellow box!

We caught a crew working on this box at Hollis and 53rd!

Public art as part of new development, Adeline near San Pablo
De Staebler in front of Novartis (formerly Chiron and now includes Grifols and Bayer)

Crane at new E-ville Transit Center, next to Amtrak Station



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