Monday, April 17, 2017

The "update on everything" post: medicine, frustration, confusion, fish and game, bakeries, Bay Bridge, utility boxes, Oak-town, desert blooms

Downtown Oakland

Department of Health:

From the archives: THB on propofol 

THB is approaching normalcy,  if a guy with that rare thing we call necrotizing myositis can every be normal.  No more weak thighs. Able to walk for miles and miles and miles. Can complete the 7 minute workout in under 10 minutes. CP (or CPK) count is finally back in the normal range. Liver tests are normal. Prednisone is now a minuscule 10mg per day. Taking methotextrate as an autoimmune suppressant.

Department of Frustration: The kitchen remodel that keeps on ... in this case, really keeps on!!

The middle portion of the track lighting in the kitchen fails and ...

what's left won't turn off, so THB set up a "curtain" to cut down on the lights  for one night before working on finding the switch in the fuse box (which shuts down the entire living/dining/kitchen lights and plugs)

The electrical guys read their e-mails on Easter Sunday! And, thus high up in the pantry are the plugs for just the kitchen lights. THB pulls the plug on the track lighting and now we just need the guys to show up and fix the original problem

Department of Confusion: From a follower...

Which made THB remember this set up in a house exchanger's flat in toilet in the master bathroom, just a urinal with a lid

Department of Game: 

What's flying around at the beach:

Turkey (rooster?) just outside the gates at MDunes

Bakery Department: #1

Locol was the highlight of an April 10, 2017, article talking about $1 cup of coffee. There had been an earlier scathing review in NYT that THB missed when it was first published, in early January. DB figured out the April 10 article was talking about a place near us that opened in a burned out BBQ joint (burned out before it really opened). 

THB decided to go check out the local near E-ville Locol. Turns out it is more of the bakery for the rest of the chain and much less of a dining location. THB tried the hamburger-style rolls. Just ho-hum, nothing special for a home-made brisket sandwich.

 NYT April 10, 2017 

The downtown Oakland location

Department of completion: 

#1: Utility Boxes
The Alavi utility box in Doyle-Hollis Park, missing from THB's recent post
#2: Bay Bridge: THB goes for a bike ride to bring you the absence of the old Bay Bridge

THB paid $115 to turn his no-speed (not working) bike into a 7 speed (down from 21) along with a few other tweaks

Where did the old bridge go? To scrap
Old Bay Bridge This is the link to the 2013 posting...FOUR YEARS AGO? Amazing....Caltrans knows how to stretch out a project!

Now down to the (concrete) studs

You land on Yerba Buena Island

Wait, did DJT take away something? Give something to someone else? Is THB no longer in Kansas?

 You can shuttle from Yerba Buena to Treasure Island on the half-hour

Possibly the worst name ever for a shuttle working only because an earthquake damaged the old bridge to the point of replacement. Maybe the shuttle owner wasn't around in 1989 (how long have they been working on this project????)

5 signs on this post and the next post over has one sign THB is not allowed to look the way, how much line do you need on your reel to fish from this bridge? A LOT!!

More pics from riding around E-ville and Oakland:

A guy roaming around in the Plot D "park" outside of the loft

And the EPD is called to find out what was going on; the guest hopped the fence a few minutes later and walked off

Bakery Department #2: A snack between mural picture taking and Bay Bridge adventure; highly recommended!

Sourdough baguette and sprouted rye loaf

Recent fire on San Pablo
Department of Homeland Florality:

DB was in the desert outside of Tuscon in April and, this being a HUUUUUUUUUUGE non-drought year, the place was in bloom:

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