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Day 6: Portland and crossing into Washington

Day 6: Portland and Washington
THB's ceramics buddies

Weather: Raining steadily until around 1:30 (hard at times), cold, cool, overcast; Portland has had 1.3" of rain since THB arrived (and it is raining today as THB types on Friday) so the total is inching its way to 2"
You gonna let a little rain get in the way of ceramics?

Quotes of the Day, the answer to the Pictorial Pop Quiz:  

"Can someone tell me which way to the zipline ride?"

Over here

Fifty Shades of Groin
Gosh, that DJT deregulation of OSHA safety requirements sure happened fast

THB heads to fitness center much later than usual today because we are not meeting the Collectors Tour until dinner! At 7am, there are 4 other men there, all younger than THB. By 8am, all but one are gone.

Archie Bray show set up in the Smith Gallery at Lewis & Clark

DA preps a very nice breakfast: scrambled eggs and Ken’s toast, bacon, berries and yogurt, cafĂ© au lait.  After 9 the four of us pile into the brand new Tesla (SA and DA traded in to get four wheel drive) and repeat the visit to Lewis and Clark to catch the Archie Bray show. 

Albion Stafford: "Place Setting"

What part of a place setting is this piece?

Bill Wilkey: "Sugar Jar Triptych"

Heesoo Lee: "In Dreams Bowl" a bargain at $2800, sold before the Bray show opened and maybe the best work seen all week: stunning!

The show wasn’t up when the Collectors arrived (supposedly Bray saved a day of travel expenses by not getting ready until Tuesday). It’s a very nice show and a number of pieces have sold. THB will try and remember tonight to see if anyone else went back to buy (yep, at least one person bought a piece).


Off a’Tesla-ing we go way out to Mt Hood Community College for another one of those out-of-town NCECA shows, this one recommended by the co-locavore, Dylan. We have no trouble finding MHCC, the usual struggle to find the NCECA venue, and the show is right where it should be, at the Visual Arts Center. However, no NCECA signs. Hmmmmm…..the show is small and excellent with several interesting works:

Lauren Sandler: "Bedside re-collections"

Dustin Yager: "Ejaculation Portrait - Alfred"  be the first in your neighborhood to have a full set  

Dustin Yager: "Ejaculation Portrait with Hein" 

Ron Geibel: "Experimenting with Couples (violet sprinkles)"

Lauren Mayer: "The Debris of our Lives"

DB liked these a lot!

Leslie Macklin: "A Study of Objects that Divide (series)"

Porcelian barbed wire

A picture of the barbed wire in situ; "With All Possibility, and None"

Lauren Mayer: Small things creeping up on you (wait, that ant is moving!)

The caption for the piece above...what a nice way to live!

It’s lunch time so we sneak across the border into Washington. 

Bridge of the Gods: hopefully the infrastructure bill doesn't need to pass for this one to get maintenance

You can watch yourself on the big screen (8" x 16") on the Tesla dashboard

It’s not easy, somehow we manage to get around the giant wall, er, cross the river without the proper credentials (THB explains that we are really on our way to infect Canada with dangerous thoughts of art and travel) and have lunch at the Skamania Lodge.

Ham and cheese sandwiches for two female scofflaws, chicken sandwich for DA the dodger, THB the possible Muslim has fish and chips (it’s Friday, THB is having fish like any good Christian), two brewskies, an Arnie Pal-mer-great-again, and one true American Coca Cola, $100.

Flora Bowley

One more stop after lunch before landing in the condo: the Visit Nail Salon. They also have not yet received their NCECA sign nor even actual ceramics. Did someone confuse acrylics with ceramics: same-same but different?

Careen Stoll with slumped plates; DB was trying to figure out how to smuggle them out of the restaurant

Careen, Ryan, Lindsay, Lilith, Chef Justin

Dinner is at Castagna, and the event is a revelation, an oasis of muted sunshine in the midst of another rainy evening. Three potters have been asked to join in the festivities as the many courses are served on their work. The two chefs serve up small courses that taste just like what they are. The two wines are perfect accompaniments to the food: subtle and long lasting flavors. Even the brewski is nice, another local draft IPA. Much discussion about…what else? Ceramics, controversy, how to live a well-thought-out life, art, what we missed when resting up, ceramics.

Lindsay Oesterritter

Lindsay's cups

Blood orange and oil pick-me-up amouse bouche

Mushroom, Beet, Beet + tartare, candied walnuts, there's a roasted carrot and cheese log under the leaf; no picture of the puff (it was really really good! It disappeared too fast to get a pic)

Crab, chard + marinated leaves

Salmon sashimi

Butter topped with brown butter crumble

THB manages to get his table extra rolls and extra whipped pork fat topping...and THB manages to eat some of those extras with whipped pork fat

Broth with soft egg, eggplant, dashi, buckwheat

Tongue (more like braised short ribs) topped with whipped egg, potatoes, spring onion

There's also a veggie menu going: roasted squash

Culotte (beef) on dark leafy greens, perfect (like all the other courses)

White asparagus on dark leafy greens

The salmon roe on rice almost disappeared before THB took the pic

Sorbet and whipped ice cream with dark crumble cake

Ice cream sandwiches; THB again is forced to help out with the extras

Either a thank you gift for the tour members or a congratulations for finishing your meal

Shots from around (and from well away from) town:

Inside a stall at the Visual Arts Gallery at MHCC

Waterfalls on the Oregon side of the drive along the very high Columbia River

Small pockets of snow in the mountains looking east

Portland is full of rainbows 

View of town near sunset from across the river

Sofa free

A, THB's bathroom buddy, found this one

And this one

Castagna wall art

More shots from the California exhibit at the Hoffman Gallery at Lewis & Clark

Peter Beasecker at L&C Hoffman Gallery; THB liked our purchase at OCAC better (phew!)

More Stan Welsh:

Victoria Gallegos, Chile, at Hoffman Gallery. THB can't tell if this is from pre-Columbian days

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