Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 4: Portland

Day 4: Portland
DB and THB's big purchase of the day
Weather: Cold, rain, sunny, cool, rain, sunny

Quote of the Day: Are you lost? Can I help you?

Department of Medical Announcements: THB's blood work came back normal for the first time since November 20, 2016. Next up: cutting prednisone down from 15mg to nada.

Today is mostly in pictures (again): 

THB's fave, the Pearl Bakery

To go, enjoyed at Mammoth

Up and on the bus and serendipity strikes: DB and SA sit together and THB gets Dylan Beck, one of the two locals (along with Brett) coordinating the local NCECA effort for the last three years and a teacher at OCAC (Oregon College of Art and Design). Insider info on NCECA in the next seat.

(pic shown out of sequence): Dylan, DB, Paul from Haystack (a 2016 NCECA bus tour guide)

OCAD on-campus show

Ashley Bevington

Elliott Kayser, "Black Holstein Shigaraki"

Shauna Fahley, "Survived By"

Our group is filling up the gallery

Dylan and Paul; Paul has been invited to work with the students
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Then THB got lost, wandering from the kiln demo to the photography department and chatting up the head of the department. Why? THB cannot explain it. A very nice young co-ed comes to the rescue, delivering THB to the "school house" where a buying opportunity awaits.

Paul Beasecker carrier and cups, $1200

SA also buys a Beasecker plate

Mudshark Studios work at OCAC (recognize the "mold"?)

Our next step on the bus is less than 5 minutes from OCAD! It's a K-12 school...and the highlight of the day. A wandering artist pairs up with a teacher at the school for an NCECA installation and their application is accepted. What does that get them: a free space, otherwise all the other expenses are theirs. 

What a story Undine has to tell. The motivation behind her work, how she got to the Caitlin Gabel School, how she set up the work, what her life path has been. It's something that only happens on the collector's tour (by pre-arrangement: Undine did not just "happen" to be there when we were). 

Two to Love I

Two to Love II

Back on the bus to head downtown. Of course, since we're in a west coast city, a drive of 10 miles or so takes close to 40 minutes mid-da.  Buffet lunch next door hosted by the LH project.

LH Project is hosting a lunch right next door at Clyde Common: the Collectors Tour and lots of local and visiting artists

Not our menu

Our menu

Very few vegetarians in this crowd

THB goes for smoked chicken and accouterments. Food is excellent. So is ice tea. SA has eaten here several times (and that means it is very good because in Portlandia there are many excellent choices of where to eat, no need to good back to just the good places) 

Next store to Clyde Common is the LH Project, a pop-up inside an empty dry cleaners. THB gets to chat up a number of artists including Kat, a CCA student that DB and THB co-sponsored for a residency at Watershed. She has a piece in the LH Project and also helped them set up the show.

Brett Binford of (where else) Mudshark: "Out of Control" 

Brett Binford: "Ambitions"

Coms Check: "Jill Allen"

Daniel Donovan: " Wave It Hard"

Kat Payne with Watershed co-sponsors (with EW and JW)

Kathleen Payne: "Between You and Me" 

Esther Shimazu: "Monkey 2 Rooster"

Stephen Braun; THB and DB have a large piece called "All Eyes" in E-ville

"Choices" (wall piece) 

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Michael Sherrill: "Chief Joseph Series"

Christine explaining Meissen work (humorous takes, sponsored and sold by Meissen)

Shalene Valenzuela: "Make America Grate Again"

A quick stroll brings us to the VO Gallery:

At the Adams and Ollman Gallery: Magdalena Suares Frimkess. These "rough" form cups go for $1800 each

Back to the bus, more discussions with Dylan, and out we pop at LA Mesa, one of NCECA's more famous moments from Santa Fe Clay. A longgggggg table set with many place settings, and a feeding frenzy as buyers circulate around trying to find just the right items for their home place settings. The ultimate butt-brush factor! Even standing five feet back, THB is bumping into people.

The owner of Santa Fe Clay explaining how to negotiate the madness

THB, DB and SA are hitting the wall and decide to walk back to the condo, around a mile. In the midst of the walk, we encounter several other NCECA exhibits in local galleries and, damn, one more fine bakery for coffee and treats!

Craig Barlow: "Creation Coyote"

Daniel Anderson: "Friday Harbor Water Tank"

Almost a lamp: there's a plug and then a light in the tank

Double choc cookie and lemon poppyseed cake

Now THB is drinking coffee in the late afternoon

Finally, we struggle back to the 19th floor, meet-up with DA, converse over the highlights of the day, order Thai food to be delivered, have a drink, and sink into the oblivion of sleep.


  1. Cool ceramics. Where does one buy Stephen Braun's work?

  2. Hey CAC: Try the LH Project web-site. Stephen also goes by dirtbag (true!). At one point John Netsoulas in Davis carried him, so you might see if they still have his work...GOOD LUCK!! thb