Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 1: E-ville to Portland OR

Everywhere THB goes: snow-capped volcanoes!

And places known for their meats!
Weather: Cool in E-ville, cool to cold (when in the wind) in Portland

Quote of the Day: We’re out of the laser potatoes

THB and DB signed up for the collectors tour at the annual ceramics show, in Portland this year, well before THB got weak thighs and had to push back the Chile/Argentina trip. That didn’t leave much time recuperation time in E-ville before heading back to the Oakland airport. We used the few days to do a mini-detox: reducing our caloric intake, upping our exercise, and trying to get on west coast time. Moderate success…
Brunch spot

And, very reasonable prices

Mid-day flight to Portland and greeting from DA (THB’s Rio partner) and SA at the jumping airport (what are so many people doing in the Portland airport at 12:30 on a Sunday?). DA and SA are our former neighbors at Monterey Dunes, splitting their time between Fremont, Portland and other travels. This is our third time staying with them, the first in their new digs in a high-rise condo building.

Before unloading at the condo, we brunch at Olympia Provisions (it’s Sunday, so it’s the brunch menu), known for their meats.

How can they be out of the Laser Potatoes today? Easy: they will be out of them tomorrow too....and maybe even yesterday?
THB goes very locavore: the ice tea is from next door

THB has an excellent omelet with the potatoes cooked in schmaltz (they are somehow out of the laser potatoes), DB and DA share a meat platter, and SA has a very good fried pork cutlet and egg sandwich, with potato chips. One glass of wine, a Coke, and ice tea made with leaves from the specialty store next door. $34/couple, which is like having won the lottery: it is hard to go out for less than $40 anymore, anywhere, anytime.

The views from the condo:

This is a common area on the 4th floor 

Now we get to see the new condo on the 19th floor: DA and SA bought into the building before construction was completed and after having rented nearby for several years.
Parks on two sides of the condo building

The kids and grandkids are in houses in the near burbs, and the business is downtown. The condo is near at least three well known bakeries, several parks, and a ton of fine dining establishments (bakeries are in their own fine dining category).

The family business, a few blocks from the dinner spot

After touring the building (27 stories?), catching up, learning how to use the coffee machine, 

and admiring the view, it’s time to walk to The Nines Hotel and the imbedded restaurant, The Urban Farmer, for a group tour dinner.

An easy walk back in the brisk weather (40s?) and a great night’s sleep.

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