Saturday, March 25, 2017

Days 7: Portland to E-ville

Days 7: Portland to E-ville

Weather: Cool to cold (when in the wind) in Portland, cool in E-ville,

Quotes of the Day: THB slept the entire flight home

THB and DB walk to Ken’s to pick up bread, enjoy a pain aux raisins and decaf au laits; coffee beans at Peets; and back to the condo to pack up.

Brunch at The Country Cat: omelet with ½ sausage, spinach, gouda and red peppers for THB; single pancake, ½ bacon order for DB; SA has the grits, spicy pork and two over easy eggs; DA has … what the hell did DA have? Share a basket of huge and excellent biscuits (THB should’ve asked for honey, not that HE needed it, the biscuits kept asking for honey). Coffee, coke and a drink, $80.

The couple next to us order Bloody Marys, they come with beef jerky on a skewer

Hash? Red Hash? 

Honey? Honey!

Drop off at the airport, chat with Nancy S, local teacher and ceramicist, get on Southwest right on time. THB falls asleep before the plane pulls away from the jetway, stays asleep until a few minutes before touchdown in Oak-town.

Things are good here! The last little bit of the kitchen remodel is done (well, the soap dispenser doesn’t work, not uncommon with the pump gadgets affixed into the sink).

THB is home until mid-July barring someone offering up another too-good-to-pass-up offer.

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