Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 2: Portland

Day 2: Portland
7 SECOND workout, that's something THB has mastered

Weather: Cold on 6:30 walk to Lovejoy Bakery, brisk on the walk to the Hilton at 8:30, cool mid-morning, raining in the evening
Mt Hood

Mt St Helens

Quote of the Day: Is that a Margaret Ford?
THB and DB own 4 Meg Ford pieces; we have not seen one from this series

Today is mostly in pictures

Fitness Center and Pre-breakfast:

THB and DB and one other guy who is doing stretching exercises

2 blocks from condo

"Mild" version, nothing exceptional

Breakfast of Grape Nuts and berries, then off to meet the group at the Hilton

First stop: a set of installations on the Lewis & Clark campus:

Bus driver can get us to campus, needs local knowledge to find NCECA related galleries 

Julia Galloway from Helena

all ceramic

A visit to the L&C ceramics studios, THB is trying to figure out the bathroom:

Work on display as composed by the head of the department:

Akio Takimori work from head of dept's own collection

Jun Kaneko cup

The second stop of the day: two artists, close friends, who live across the street from each other

Next stop requires smaller buses, so we've switched from one large one to two smaller ones


Connie Kiener

Note: the old garage door is still in place after expanding house

Parcheesi board embedded in kitchen counter

Susan Thayer, across the street from Connie

The third stop of the day: Bullseye Project for lunch and an understanding of doing a special project with Jun Kaneko

THB does just what he did as a kid: put the potato chips inside the egg salad sandwich

There's a branch a couple of blocks from E-ville loft

Jun working on large glass pieces


"sushi platters"

Temple Har Shalom 2008 commission for Kaneko in Park City, Utah

Bullseye bathrooms:

Same thing as "all"?

The special exhibit was haunting! 

The last tour stop of the day, private collection of John and Joan Shipley. Joan died a few years ago. The ranch style house loaded with work in all media, some of it extremely valuable, others hard to tell. The most interesting feature (sorry, no pics) was a piece built into the wall to the right of the living room fireplace that matches the "metal" surrounding the fireplace. The room was so jammed with art it was hard to see that pairing.

Kaneko platter peaking out from under dresser

Another Kaneko piece

one of the "rods" is broken

Sewer pipe in backyard, artist unknown

THB liked the "skin" piece, artist unknown

Snow globe piece!

Greg Grenon

Margaret Ford

DA picks us up and tempts THB with a great bakery, a repeat from a past trip:

DA tempts THB with a drive-by

THB jumps out of the car, back in 2 minutes with top-oh-the-line selections
Leisurely dinner at the condo: pizza and salads from Pizzicato, around the corner

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