Friday, June 26, 2009

Appreciation and appreciation and more appreciation!!

Hello all:

One of my faithful followers pointed out that not only should I appreciate all those that sent in nice comments about the India posts, I should also appreciate those that:

a) didn't really like the blog all that much and held their tongues
b) didn't really read the blog (for any number of reasons) and held their tongues
c) liked the blog and didn't clog up my e-mail with endless exchanges about how great the blog was
d) don't like to be appreciated, at least not "directly"
e) didn't want to say how much or how little they appreciated any thing that crossed their minds, any time, to any one

For all of you out there, I just want to say I really appreciate you (except for those of you in category d, in which case this post is not for you, about you, or even anywhere near you)

Quotes of the day:

I'll speak to it though Hell itself should gape
And bid me hold my peace.

Do I need your permission to turn the other cheek?
If you can read my mind, why must I speak?

Thanks, THB

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