Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures from Day 1 and 2: Berlin

I left Rome and landed in Brussels,
On a plane ride so bumpy that I almost cried.
Clergymen in uniform and young girls pullin' muscles,
Everyone was there to greet me when I stepped inside.
Newspapermen eating candy
Had to be held down by big police.
Someday, everything is gonna be diff'rent
When I paint my masterpiece.

1. Public art mimicking people looking at the Wall
2. Table and chair nailed to a wall, not to THE wall
3. Hotel Adlon, scene of many many spy meet-ups in books and movies
4. Ralph's ghost at the memorial
5. Murdered Jews of Europe memorial
6. Gehry done inside out
7. Another replica: Checkpoint Charlie
8. Fake border agent ready to stamp your real passport
9. Staring at the wall
10. Goldsworthy-like display in the hallway
11. Chandelier from the dining room (now the tech command center)

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