Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day - 5 Copenhagen

Day 5
- Quotes of the day
- Biking in Orestad
- I’ll try dor number 1
- Lunch at Told and Snaps
- Dinner on the deck

Frailty, thy name is woman!

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Went for a bike ride this morning to the next neighborhood, around a vast green area. Saw a rather unique piece of public art, naked bodies stacked up as sort of a large drip fountain, in midst of a groomed circular gravel island reached by crossing over a straight steel three sided beam that has been dropped across the moat around the island. Also a huge old boat upside down on tall stanchions. See pics…

Then back along the main canal where we pass a public swimming area (and power plant) that is set up right in the main canal. Lap pools, diving platform (see pic), kiddie pools, all with water right from the canal.

Rest up a bit and head to the Told and Snaps for a smorresrod lunch. First we decide to peek in at the Playhouse, also a very stylish new building. We decide to use the toilets, shades of Star Wars: you have to push a button outside the restroom, the door slides open, you enter (in my case, a sizable spot with 4 urinals and some uncounted number of stalls), then the lights come on and before you’ve decided what you’re doing, the door slides shut. No problem, finish up and head to the door, which is now shut and no handle. Ah, fortunately the lights are still on and there is the button marked Dor (one of those oh’s with a slash through it), push and the dor slides open and I am back in earth’s atmosphere.

DB has been asking THB lately what he finds to write about, and I am not sure how to answer, I just seem to fill the blog with those average, everyday occurrences that happen to your basic traveler. As we leave the Playhouse, she acknowledges she was worried about the lights going off while she was using her facility and THB here will let all those thoughts that cross his mind go unreported. Okay, not all his thoughts will go unreported: she’s sitting down, is it that big a deal if the lights go out?

Yesterday, Told and Snaps was sold out, today half empty and no need for two seating’s. They have a set selection of around 25 sandwiches, and we order two versions of herring (one in pretty thick “curry mustard” sauce, one plain, plain better) and then one salmon sandwich (Waitress: you can get this anywhere in the world) and one pork rib roast sandwich (Waitress: THIS one is Danish). The roast sandwich is tremendous, very crunchy crust and melt-in-your-mouth pork (fatty? Sure!), this is the muy excellente carnitas of Denmark. Two beers…not...just any beers, these are made by one of the local breweries, Norrebro Bryghus, and I have the New York ale, very good. And, these are not just any beers, these are $12 beers; yes, the most expensive on the trip to-date (most expensive in Europe? In the galaxy?). Gotta tell Sierra Nevada to put out a Copenhagen ale and see if they can get 2-3 times the cost of their normal pale ale. Total: $75.

A bit wobbly (they were big beers, at least), we walk the bikes to a spot a bit closer to our next stop, seeking an artisan jewelry store. We try a couple in the downtown area, nothing special and clearly not up to German standards (which are quite high). DB even refuses a photo op.

THB is not deterred, now he tries licorice ice cream, another local specialty. Not bad, sort of a two part flavor with the licorice kicks in after the first hint. Ice cream is light, again a bit whipped, and one small (small!) scoop is, yes, $4.

Shop for groceries at Irma, bbq the salmon and potatoes, arugula salad, bread from the best bakery in Northern Europe, dinner on the deck, $25.

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  1. beer's more expensive than even at oakland colisseum!