Monday, July 6, 2009

Days 8 and 9 - Berlin - Pics

- Victory Angel in middle of Tiergarten
- Sony Center roof, looks like a poor version of an Oldenburg icebag turned into a circus tent
- Waiting to get into the Reichstag
- (possibly faux) Serra piece
- DB and THB in front of Reichstag mirrors (this is the Olympic torch shot)
- Memorial to killed parliament members
- Top of Gehry building (trademark shell not visible from street) Not easy to see here because of the glare off the stainless steel panels!
- Dome from inside
- Norman Foster dome on Reichstag
- Chilleda scuplture
- photo op with fake border officers (if you know this person, please advise)
- large wire cross memorial to one person killed trying to escape E Berlin
- memorial to those killed trying to escape E Berlin

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