Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 6 - Copenhagen

Day 6
- Quotes of the day
- Biking in Norrebro
- Laundromat Café is not as good as Brainwash
- How many Jewish Museums did this guy do?
- Take-away pizza on the deck

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

And my best friend, my doctor
Won't even say what it is I've got

Department of clarification: Dinner on the deck (here) means eating outside (see early pic of “backyard”). At this time of year, .eating outside at 8pm is about the same as 5pm in Bay Area.

Pop Quiz: What do the following colors have in common with each other: black, white, grey, ecru and denim blue? Answer: the vast majority of Danish women only own clothes in these colors, and it appears that well over half of them only own clothes in the first two (at most, lots of just plain black worn).

Weather is glorious today. We decide to ride our bikes to one of the (slightly) further out boroughs, Norrebro. It is actually quite easy, the hardest part of the riding is figuring out how to apply the brakes (remember, we’re pushing down and back to brake) and step down gracefully. Neither of us has mastered the technique yet. Makes for some funny looking one foot stutter stops (even funnier, the two foot stutter stop). These bike lanes are quite a good invention for a small town looking for alternative transportation, though I continue to be intimidated the few times motorcyclists insist on sharing the space (one guy even honked at me!)..

First stop is Rosenborg Castle where the crown jewels are kept. Also tour the castle (it is quite small). Then across the street to the State Museum for Art, and they have a terrific collection of Danish modern art and a few other interesting pieces including Judd boxes and a Smithson mirror and gravel piece (book review coming on a travel book covering both these Dia-supported artists).

Then we have a not-too-good lunch at the Laundromat Café (and, yes, there appear to be a few washing machines in the back, pic is of color coded lending library). Sandwiches just ok, pommes frites good, two small Carlsberg beers, $50. Brainwash (on Folsom) a much better choice for lunching while washing your clothes. Do a bit or recreational shopping, this is primarily an antique store area. We do pass a number of baby clothes stores; see pic of one kid left on the sidewalk (asleep, for more than a few minutes) while his mom is inside shopping.

Head toward Christiansborg and the parliament building (see pic of scaffolding on top), first tour the inside of the Black Diamond library building. Unusual tilted people mover inside. Then to the Jewish Museum where Daniel Libeskind has designed the interior and the front courtyard (he also was the architect for Berlin’s and SF’s Jewish Museums, this guy has conquered this particular niche, for sure), He did not do the major memorial in Berlin, though the concrete blocks out front here remind us of that work.

Then look for the Stables, appear to be closed for remodeling. Then on to the Design Museum where the main exhibition is all about light (Pop Quiz question number two: what artist did Donald Judd name his son after?).

Head back to the hood to shop for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast, then decide to try the local pizza place (5 minutes by bike), which is only for take-away.

Back for the late afternoon dip, small jellyfish spotted off the raft, dip short and refreshing. Also use the hose for first time, quite a thrill leaning over the canal and trying to figure out a) where does the key go and b) once the key is in, then what? Potted plants also seem must relieved after DB gives them a bath.

Back out for pizza: one katoffel (I like it, DB does not as much) and one with prosciutto and mushrooms (salty with excessive prosciutto, mushrooms overpowered and not real flavorful), $21 (with leftovers).


  1. so funny about the color coded lending library! i have been tempted to do this for about 2 years- joined this group on flickr (won't let me copy and paste) and then about 2 nights ago decided i was going to really do it. i don't know if i will or not, but every time i walk by my bookshelf i consider it. then i think... i have enough projects.

  2. It might be more of a 'look' than you normally associate with....

  3. i was hoping you would see a pram left on the sidewalk (with baby still inside!)