Monday, October 15, 2012

Days 5: Stowe to Bar Harbor

Day 5:  - Stowe VT to Bar HarborME

Quote of the day:
i don't mind you hanging out
and talking in your sleep
it doesn't matter where you've been
as long as it was deep

Weather:    Overcast with hint of rain

Pics:     Stoweflake FC, SS Milton restaurant in Bethel (lunch), Acadia NP Visitor Ctr, around BH Inn, it is marathon day today, Nissan Versa, Havana

We sleep in! Very unusual for us, it’s 7:30 when we get up, fast, head to FCtr for workout, then to breakfast of cereal, yogurt, coffee, $17, exit Stoweflakes  Resort ($320 and considerably overpriced), into the car and on the road at 9:10.  It seems to be drizzling lightly, then turns to just overcast for rest of day. Including a stop for lunch (lobster rolls and chips, ice tea, $42), it takes 7 hours to reach Bar Harbor. A very easy ride, little traffic and no road work!

For the most part, it is pretty without a lot of colorful foliage as we skirt the White Mountains. The colors pick up as we enter Maine and then turn very pretty as we near Bar Harbor and Acadia NP. The BH Inn is a pleasant surprise, with a great view of the water and islands offshore, and our room on the second floor is well placed.

Dinner at Havana: share salad, crab cakes, paella, and squash ice cream topped with Mexican chocolate sauce, pisco sour, and two glasses of wine (one of which, garnacha, comes from a keg imported from Spain…not bad, and ecological!), overall excellent and $118.

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